How We Teach & Support

It's the little things we do to support an individualised learning program that get us the big results

How we teach and support

Our entire teaching staff is dedicated to the detail and we want to ensure every child achieves to their own potential. 

This means ensuring we have a robust system of teaching and support that not only caters to the average (or middle student) – but also the advanced student or the student that needs some extra support. 

For learning to take place we need to ensure that every child feels safe, happy and confident within themselves – and so a huge emphasis is placed on a strong wellbeing and support program that achieves just that!

Kinder to Prep Transition

At St Bridget’s, an Early Transition Program is offered for those starting Prep the following year. Once a month from July students and their families are invited to participate in sessions as part of the Early Transition Program.

Students have the opportunity to participate in learning experiences with the different teaching staff at St Bridget’s including Specialist Teachers while their families have the opportunity to meet new and existing families. We believe this Transition Program helps to build important relationships early both for the child starting Prep as well as for their family.


Confident & Happy Kids

The philosophy at St Bridget’s is about the whole child: spiritually, emotionally, socially and academically. A priority is placed on students feeling safe and comfortable which leads to confidence, an enthusiasm to learn and ultimately the feeling of success.

Additional Learning Support

The teachers at St Bridget’s are able to cater to the varying learning needs of their students due to the small class sizes. Students are taught at their ability level rather than at their year level. For those students requiring additional learning support, an extra staff member is provided to work with students across the school.

Extending Our Students

At St Bridget’s, due to our small class sizes teachers are able to cater to students’ individual learning Needs. That is, students are taught content and assigned work based on their individual academic ability rather than on their year level. This then allows students operating at a higher year level to be extended and challenged.

Remote Learning

Coming Soon

Transitioning Schools

Students who are transitioning to St Bridget’s from another primary school are invited to have one or more try out days at our school before making the move. The transitioning student is also allocated a ‘buddy’ student from their year level to ensure the new student understands the procedures at our school and has someone to play with at recess and lunchtime.

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