Gifted Program

At St Bridget’s we support every child to be the best they can and to reach their potential. We recognise that gifted learners have different learning needs and we are committed to providing for these needs in our classrooms and programs.

Gifted learners refers to children who have academic learning potential in the top 10% of same-aged children.

Please contact our Principal, Robyn Thomson to discuss details of your child’s individual needs and how we will enrich and extend them at St Bridget’s.

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Identifying Gifted Learners

We use a range of strategies to identify which students have high academic potential and need different learning options.

→  Standardised assessments such as ACER General Ability Tests (AGAT) and ACER Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) 

→  The National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy  (NAPLAN)

→  Independent psychologist reports

→  Teacher identification

→  Parent information

How we Meet the Needs of our Gifted Learners

Extension classes

Each semester we invite selected gifted learners to participate in small group extension classes which will be taught by specialist teachers with training in gifted learners. These classes are designed to: 

→  Enable like-minded children to learn together

→  Foster children’s interests and passions

→  Extend and challenge children

→  Nurture individual talents

→  Encourage deeper thinking and creativity

→  Build problem-solving skills

→  Develop reflective skills and autonomous learning capabilities

→  Encourage children’s confidence in their abilities and what they can achieve


Differentiated learning

Differentiation refers to a teaching approach that provides different or modified activities for learners based on their ability, knowledge, skills, interests, readiness and learning styles with the goal of enabling real learning for all. At St Bridget’s we do this in every class by:

  • Pre-testing all students at the start of each topic to establish their current learning level
  • Allocating different learning activities for each child based on their current level, including secondary curriculum topics where appropriate
  • Explicitly teaching concepts and skills to small groups or individuals according to their particular learning needs and levels

Specialised Teacher Training

All our teachers undertake regular professional learning in the field of gifted learners to ensure their understanding and competence in working with gifted learners. Our Gifted Learner Coordinator is a specialist in this field.


Chess Club

St Bridget’s is proud of its Chess Club which has options for players at two levels; Beginners, and Intermediate/Advanced. The School hosts many tournaments each year with participants coming from a large range of schools.



High ability learners often have the potential to become future leaders. At St Bridget’s we nurture leadership in our senior students with regular opportunities for public speaking and a leadership development program.



We encourage and support learners to extend themselves by participating in a range of competitions depending on their interests and abilities. Examples are the Australian Maths Olympiad and the North Balwyn Rotary Club Writing Competition.

Get in Touch With Us

To learn how St Bridget’s can help your gifted and talented child, reach to us today by  booking a school tour.